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Knowledge sharing & support

Services for Professionals

Clinical supervision

Marta has a vast experience working as a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) lead, clinical supervisor and line manager. In her private practice, Marta is working as international supervisor for practitioner psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, charities and companies and is dedicated to continuously improve her skills and knowledge in this field. After finishing formal education, she continued professional training and has advanced knowledge, skills, competence and experience as a supervisor.

Marta is an Approved Supervisor with Play Therapy United Kingdom (PTUK). Also, she finished formal postgraduate training with British Psychology Society’s (BPS) to be recognised as a Clinical Supervisor and be able to join the Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors.

Supervision is offered at her private practice in Richmond, London as well as on-line through Skype and similar platforms.

CPD Trainings

Inspiring and motivating others, developing and enhancing skills, broadening knowledge, developing critical thinking, helping to achieve academic potential, boosting creativity, facilitating “outside the box” thinking is something Marta is passionate about. She has a vast experience as an invited graduate and post-graduate lecturer and international CPD trainer. Marta currently offers a variety of different CPD trainings in the field of clinical psychology, health psychology, psychotherapy and counselling. All CPD trainings are delivered face-to-face.


To support mental health care education and provision of professional help, reduced supervision fee applies for psychologists and psychotherapists in training. Marta believes that practitioners starting their own private practices will benefit from additional support, so she offers reduced supervision fee through the first year of establishing a private practice.

Clinical supervision: £150 per session

CPD trainings: POA